4 Tips to Planning your Wedding Without Losing Sight of Your Relationship


You want to have your wedding outdoors in Oregon with the wind blowing in your hair, exchanging vows with your forever partner with a view that is unimaginable, YES!! Take Me with you!!  Or maybe you want your wedding in your home church, exchanging your vows in front of all the people who have shared in your life and joy thus far, YES!! Let’s do it!! The point is, when it comes to planning a wedding there is a lot to think about, the options are endless.   It can seem overwhelming, I understand and I am here for you, so I have a little wisdom for you, some Wednesday Wedding Wisdom we can call it!!


After being married for 11 years (almost) I can say that our wedding day was one of the happiest days of our lives, but the best part of our wedding day was that it was the first day of our marriage. It wasn’t the centerpieces, shoes, food, or awesome ice sculpture we had that made it great. (I did love that punch ice sculpture though!) It was the promise we made and how happy we were while doing it.  

Here are a few tips on how to plan the first day of your Marriage so that it’s one for the books without losing sight of your relationship!!



The most important tip I can give you after photographing 100 weddings is to remember that your MARRIAGE is the most important aspect of the day.  Your wedding day will come and go but your love and commitment (and your photos :)) are forever!



Take the process one day at time. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the stress of planning a wedding.  Enjoy this time! Try cake together, slow dance in your living room while choosing your first dance song, decorate your home with floral examples.  If you find yourself stressed, bring your thoughts back to why your having this celebration in the first place.


I have news for, this one never ends.  The planning will come and go and all that you will have after your wedding day is the foundation of your relationship.  I am going to be bluntly honest here, this takes work, lots of work, and it never gets easier. Spend as much time wooing and dating your significant other as you do planning details for your wedding day.  Go on dates, express your thankfulness and love, communicate about topics other than your wedding day,  and have fun together celebrating your engagement.



I heard a pastor explain marriage like a triangle a few weeks back, while we were visiting Sedona, Arizona and this was a great visual for me.   If you are both focused on deepening your relationship with God together as a couple, you and your significant other will grow closer together. I have seen this happen first hand in my own marriage, as well as some of my family members, and small group’s marriages.  


So during this engagement season, I hope you can embrace the beauty of the wedding process, have fun, and make your planning a reflection of you and your spouse! When the excitement of your wedding is over and past, the foundation of your relationship will continue to grow stronger and stronger everyday!!  And if you hire me, you will have beautiful photos to relive that special day for generations to come! 




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