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The Best of my 2018 Wedding Photography year..WHAT?!?! How am I supposed to put all of that in one blog post?!?  For real, when I look back at an entire year worth of things that were absolutely fabulous and those difficult things that completely sucked at the time, but now I realize it all helped me grow, and I am supposed to fit all of that in one initial reaction is yeah, right!

So, here is a much smaller version of that.  My  “Best Of Weddings” for 2018 will include some of my favorite wedding moments! It was a great year, full of so much intentional love, so many beautiful, and I mean beautiful weddings.  Here are just a few 2018 wedding moments that made my heart skip a beat!


Check out this spin!!! This was the spin of all spins in my book!

If your thinking about having your wedding reception in a brewery do it! This brewery reception made for a fun, eclectic, social gathering that was full of beautiful trends!

If you do have your wedding at a Brewery, including customized cups like Grant and Morgan did is a fabulous detail!!

This First Look in Florida could not have been any more perfect! I mean who doesn’t want to see their future spouse for the first time standing on a pier in the ocean with a gorgeous rainbow overhead.  Could this be anymore perfect?!?!

Moments like these, those first moments after you have become husband and wife, they are always some of the best moments of a wedding day, especially when they include high fives!!

Donuts at a wedding…YES!!!!! Always YES!!

Florals, they are always a favorite detail of mine for every wedding. But when you include family heirloom jewelry pieces in your florals, now that is perfection!

Okay, so this was maybe not a heart-stopping moment in the same way as all of the others.  This was an “oh , my should they stop” moment.  The thought of birdseed on your wedding might be a good thought but maybe leave it as just a thought.  Within seconds of being hit hard by birdseed I think these two were wishing maybe they chose bubbles or anything else.  Besides that, the bride spent 30 minutes cleaning birdseed off of her, it was everywhere.  If 2018 taught me anything, its Do not have birdseed at your wedding!

This girl squad had me hashtagging #squadgoals all season!

Need a caterer for your big day, this wedding’s food truck dinner was a huge hit.  Guests chose their truck via the RSVP and were able to pick up their meal anytime throughout the evening!..So Cool!

Oh, another moment right after becoming husband and wife…just look at how she is looking at him, thats some love right there!

Any couple who agrees to hop outside for a few sunset pictures on their wedding day is awesome in my book!

In 9 years of photographing weddings, this was my very first penny in a shoe! I forgot to ask if it was still there at the end of the night, but the important thing here is that you do you on your wedding day, that is what makes the day way more special.

Lingering kisses under beautiful archways should be a requirement for a wedding day, well at least the lingering kisses part, but the archways don’t hurt!

I want to be friends with any couple who agrees to adventure outdoors with me in the God-given elements of nature like these two did!!! It is always worth it, I promise!!

Kissing under Grandmother Willow Trees… I’ve dreamt of doing this ever since watching Pocahontas as a little girl.

And thats a wrap 2018!  You were full of awesomeness thats for sure!




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